Graduate School of the Environment

New Skills for a New Future

Are you looking for a “green” career? There are thousands of exciting jobs in the fields of environmental change, sustainability and renewable energy, and our degree courses will help you get the skills you need for a career in this booming sector.

And you don’t even have to quit your current job to study with us: The flexible structure of our degree programmes means that existing job or family commitments need not stop you from preparing for a new career.

Our degrees are taught with a focus on practical experience, many of our lecturers are industry professionals who can help you start your career in this field.

We offer the following degrees:

MSc Sustainability and Adaptation

A range of courses on climate and environmental change allowing students to specialise in:

  • Buildings and the built environment
  • Environmental science and policy
  • Sustainability strategy and planning

Professional Diploma in Architecture with Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies

This course is designed for architecture students who already have Part 1 exemption and who wish to study for the Part 2 examination whilst developing an appropriate philosophical approach to design through the specialism of environment and energy.


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