Graduate School of the Environment

New Skills for a New Future


The Graduate School of the Environment (GSE) encourages students to stay in touch after they have completed their course. We provide a private forum for alumni to share information and ideas.

What GSE students do next

Over 50 companies have been formed by GSE alumni, as well as hundreds of sole practitioners in all related sectors. Our students include Stirling Prize nominees, members of the Government Advisory Panel on Changes to Building Regulations, respected academics and authors, award-winning designers and contractors, integrated ecologists, water engineers and landscape architects.

Students have gone on to be successful in many related fields, including large architecture practice, local government, commercial application, education, sustainable construction practice, furniture design, energy assessors and specialist consultants in a wide range of related areas.

A healthy proportion of our visiting lecturers are also ex-students who have been successful and cutting edge in their own fields. Students have also set up a charity, RESET Development, which connects people with know-how in adapting to climate change and also works internationally with partners developing community resilience.

The ethos of ‘questioning everything’ has stood our students in good stead as serious professionals and change-makers. The most commonly heard comment from ex-students is that ‘this course changed my life’.


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