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Student Feedback

Some quotes from past and present students...

“It is unique – no other course in the UK can offer such a wide range of  practical and theoretical learning on such a wide range of important 'sustainable' issues.”

"I enjoyed my MSc at CAT from beginning to end, and it has of course been so valuable in helping me launch my new career as a freelance sustainable business advisor."

"I’ve been an energy research analyst my whole career, much of which has focused on macro issues, so getting into the technical aspects, the nuts and bolts, and leveraging this to understand the bigger picture and applying the lecture topics in real life is very satisfying."

Potential student visit: "I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to visit last week and for organising everything. Everyone made me feel so welcome from the first minute I arrived. The whole experience was absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed everything; from the practical studies to the student project debates and the invaluable lectures. The enthusiasm and energy that radiated from everyone was just a total BUZZ. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the event so much, I didn’t want to come home."

"As the hand in of my thesis signals the end to my MSc process, I would like to say a great big ‘thank you’ to all involved. Undertaking the MSc has been very important to me on a number of levels and a very enjoyable and satisfying process. CAT is an amazing place to learn. The learning process and environment is uniquely exciting, engaging and effective. I shall miss being involved."


"Doing the AEES course has been a life changing experience for me, which as you know I'm going to use to good effect! I would do the course all over again if I could! Thanks for everything. You must be very proud of all you have achieved there."

"I have been working with the heating industry, OFTEC and ICOM trialing 30 homes and schools with Liquid Biofuels over the last 20 month period using the fuels that I first recommended in my thesis and these have now been specified by the government under SAP 2009 table 12 and listed with the other heating fuels for the next building regulations. If it was not for the MSc at CAT and my attending a lecture on biodiesel, this would not have happened, so please tell the staff and students that they can really make a difference to reduce our carbon emissions."


"I am getting stuck in big time and loving every minute of my study. Content is world class as are the links and info connected with them."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at CAT for the rich and stimulating experience the course provided. My understanding of all things environmental has broadened and opened doors for me. The AEES programme is outstanding. Thanks to the staff  for running such an inspirational course (and for welcoming mature students)."


"It has been a great experience getting to know you all and learning so much so quickly. CAT is such a stimulating, rewarding and demanding place. I have made good friends, learnt excellent new skills, gained so much confidence and discovered materials I had no idea about despite my advanced years. I cannot praise you all highly enough for the effort, enthusiasm, tolerance and dedication that you put in to the course. Many, many thanks for that."

"In general I wanted to say thank you to all the teaching staff for their knowledge, time and unbelievable patience. I am aware that as an academic I was not totally committed (and perhaps a little unconventional in my approach) but I hope that you all believe that a great deal of what you taught was absorbed. Throughout this course it was my intention to gain work experience that would help me to progress into an industry working directly on reducing emissions and therefore tackling climate change. I have now done that."

"I have really enjoyed doing the MSc and have found it extremely fulfilling. I cannot believe that the time has come for the last leg, writing up my thesis. Everyone involved with making the course happen – administration, food, accommodation and all aspects of teaching – have done a great job. I would really like to say a big thank you to everyone."


"I love the people I met on the course, the tutors and the staff at CAT, the wonderful range of modules, the gravity laden but honest and optimistic attitude to teaching the subject, the tangible feeling of my mind being open to learning, the location and of course CAT itself."

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