Dr Frances Hill

Dr Francis Hill

Senior Lecturer

Tutor and Dissertation Supervisor


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Frances Hill is a lecturer/tutor on the MSc Sustainability & Adaptation on-site course. With a background in physics, she lectures on heat transfers in buildings; heating, cooling and ventilation, and lighting, and runs practicals on solar water heating, carbon calculators, and energy modelling.

Frances holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering at Manchester University. Her research focused on how energy is used in a supermarket as a building, and at how Building Regulations could be changed to reduce this level of use. Alongside this she has been involved in projects looking at how engineers learn, with particular focus on Problem Based Learning.


PhD Environmental Engineering, Manchester University

MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, University of East London

Teaching activities

Seminar and practical studies tutor
Thesis supervisor

Research Interests

Energy use reduction for new build commercial buildings

Modelling to assess impacts of previously unexamined variables


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