Louise Halestrap

Louise Halestrap

Senior Lecturer

Tutor and Dissertation Supervisor

Additional Needs Coordinator


MSc Sustainability and Adaptation
MSc Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment
MSc Sustainability and Adaptation Planning


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Louise spent her early career studying almost everything decomposing: dead fish, abattoir waste, antibiotics produced in eggs, headache pills, nappies, TNT and pesticides in the soil, sewage and household waste – to name but a few!

She has worked in university, private and charity sectors on large scale composting and organics research and development. During her first stint at CAT she led the consultancy services on the composting and sanitation research programmes. This included: live testing of home composting as a waste minimisation strategy; researching social factors involving householder participation in composting; running specialist courses on composting and sewage solutions; and giving lectures to a wide range of students.

Since returning to CAT in 2008, Louise has focused on adaptation and practical building with sustainable materials and eco retrofit, also building with nature connection in mind. She also has special interest in distance and blended learning provision, as well as providing maximum inclusion for all students.


BSc (hons) Environmental Biology, UW Aberystwyth
MPhil Microbiology of an industrial composting system, UW Aberystwyth

Teaching Activities


Research Interests

Biodegradation, waste and recycling systems, eco-refurbishment


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