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MArch Student Loan Tipsheet

Some Helpful Tips for the MArch Student Loan Application Process

1. Start the application process as early as you can.
2. For the sake of Student Loan entitlement all Architecture courses are classified as a professional undergraduate course, not postgraduate study.
3. Students without a Part 1 should say they are new students.
4. Students with a Part 1 should say they are continuing architectural students although they should make clear that they are new to CAT.
Although you can apply for the maximum £6000 a year, the Part 2 is considered a continuation of your Part 1 so your entitlement will be capped as per the rules of the year in which you started your Part 1 loan/grant. There may be some individual circumstances that make your entitlement differ but generally you should be able to expect the following if you started your Part 1 loan/grant in:
• 2013 or later - £6000 maximum entitlement.
• 2012 or earlier (≥3 years between your Part 1 and Part 2) - £0 / No entitlement. Student finance will not consider this a planned continuation of your Part 1.
5. The Student Loan Company recognise the “Full tuition fee amount for this academic year” as £6000 – this is the total of all the Month’s Tuitions over the two year course (£12,000) divided by two.
6. The undergraduate loan must be applied for in CAT’s name and not in the name of UEL. Select Centre for Alternative Technology from the drop down menu on the SLC online application form.
7. The MArch is a full time course studied over 2 years.
8. The course is recognised and prescribed by ARB and is recognised by the EU.
9. Your offer letter from CAT should be adequate confirmation that you will be a student for SLC purposes. If however there are any queries from the SLC concerning this, please contact CAT Student Finance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
10. If for any reason you have to contact someone at the SLC please take their details (name and staffing ref number) and keep a record of what they tell you.
11. Always ask the SLC to follow up any telephone calls with a written email or letter. They do not do this automatically.

Course enrolment

The £50 enrolment deposit is due before you can be enrolled. Once we receive the deposit we can then confirm you as a student at CAT with the SLC.

Student Loan Confirmation

Once you have received an entitlement confirmation letter from Student Finance, please scan it or take a photo which is clear enough to read and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Student Finance Officer will then supply you with a personalised explanation of how your funding will be allocated towards your future modules fees and what (if anything) will be remaining for yourself to pay.

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